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Diamond Wedding Bands

A straight gold band lined with diamonds is a simple concept- but there are so many ways to make a unique wedding band! Find our collection of 14k gold wedding bands (or stacking rings) at

Diamond Interwoven Band

A band of marquise cut diamonds, interspersed with round accent diamonds. The delicate setting is 14k gold, and this wedding band is available at
Five 4x2mm marquise white diamonds (SI clarity, G+ color) Six 1mm diamonds (SI clarity, G+ color) Solid 14k gold setting with a delicate 1.2mm round band (available in 14k yellow, white, or rose gold) Total carat weight: .37ct.  This piece is made to order, and will ship approximately two weeks from the time the order is placed The fabric of each of your lives is interwoven. Together, the intricate patterns and pathways that have formed you combine. The individual threads remain uniquely lovely, but now, interwoven, they create a new, more beautiful and whole entity.  The stunning marquise diamonds interweave with the small round diamonds and 14k gold setting in the Diamond Interwoven Band. Creating an effect that is almost fluid in its dynamics, this band celebrates two beings coming together for one life.